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Welcome to West and Carter Holdings

West and Carter Holdings is an innovation and technology focused investments entity looking to bridge the financial gap inherent between companies developing an idea and entering into a viable, sustainable market.

In the past innovation based start-up and emerging growth companies have traditionally relied on equity capital to finance their existence and growth. Nevertheless, creating an innovation and introducing it to the market is grown to be too risky for most VC in today's economic environment.

When approached with passionate, talented and courageous entrepreneurs, W&C Holdings will rise up to the challenge and take on the financial risks involved, while keeping the dedication and spirit alive.

W&C Holdings is seeking to support remarkable scientist and their teams, developing high-end technological solutions that have a positive impact on our society while aiming to improve or revolutionize any mechanical process, all the while possessing a proven commercial need and being feasible in the long term.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the capitalization and development of viable business opportunities from seed stage to IPO and full market realization.